Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bare Bluff

One of my favorite UP hikes thus far. Write up coming soon...

Drummond Island

Wow, I went a long time without posting anything, but I will hopefully be posting a lot over the summer. For my first post in awhile, I will cover my most recent hike, Drummond Island. I honestly did not hike any of the trails that were designated for hiking only because in my limited time there I wanted to see the "must-see" sights listed on the Drummond Island website as well as the Marble Head Viewpoint. Therefore, I cannot comment on the hiking only trails, but from what it says on the website, they are just your typical strolls through the woods.

The "must-see" sights were the historical museum, the Maxton Plains, and the fossil ledges. The museum was actually closed so that left the other two sights. A short drive led me to the Maxton Plains and they really weren't that exciting to me. I walked through them a little bit and didn't see anything that would make them a must see sight for me. From the Maxton Plains, the fossil ledges were only about 5 miles away. However, the road was loose with tons of large rocks. It was a terrible road for driving, biking, or walking, but driving seemed to be the best choice. After the treacherous drive, I don't think the fossil ledges were worth it. While it was a beautiful and unique scene, there wasn't anything particularly striking about it. Once at this beach, you could along it shores in both directions for a total of up to a mile according to the website.

Aside from the "must-see" sights, the website also mentioned that a hike could be from the Glen Cove Beach to the Marble Head Viewpoint. To be continued...