Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bare Bluff

One of my favorite UP hikes thus far. Write up coming soon...

Drummond Island

Wow, I went a long time without posting anything, but I will hopefully be posting a lot over the summer. For my first post in awhile, I will cover my most recent hike, Drummond Island. I honestly did not hike any of the trails that were designated for hiking only because in my limited time there I wanted to see the "must-see" sights listed on the Drummond Island website as well as the Marble Head Viewpoint. Therefore, I cannot comment on the hiking only trails, but from what it says on the website, they are just your typical strolls through the woods.

The "must-see" sights were the historical museum, the Maxton Plains, and the fossil ledges. The museum was actually closed so that left the other two sights. A short drive led me to the Maxton Plains and they really weren't that exciting to me. I walked through them a little bit and didn't see anything that would make them a must see sight for me. From the Maxton Plains, the fossil ledges were only about 5 miles away. However, the road was loose with tons of large rocks. It was a terrible road for driving, biking, or walking, but driving seemed to be the best choice. After the treacherous drive, I don't think the fossil ledges were worth it. While it was a beautiful and unique scene, there wasn't anything particularly striking about it. Once at this beach, you could along it shores in both directions for a total of up to a mile according to the website.

Aside from the "must-see" sights, the website also mentioned that a hike could be from the Glen Cove Beach to the Marble Head Viewpoint. To be continued...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lack of updates

I apologize that I haven't really done anything with the blog in a couple months. Exam time came around and then I was busy with work. Now I have what looks like is going to be a busy semester, but I will try to get some more posts done. I hope that in the meantime everyone will at least find the links useful as you will be able to find almost every trail or place open for hiking in the UP amongst those.