Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Saux Head Trail

The Saux Head Trail is a part of the Noquemanon Trail Network (NTN) in the Marquette area.This is basically a cross country skiing trail that is open for hiking and biking in the summer. I would say that cross country skiing is its best use. It is an alright trail that is well maintained and well marked, but there really isn't anything stand out about it. I was expecting to see some nice views of Lake Superior, Saux Head Lake, Saux Head Hill, and what I think is Garlic Mountain off in the distance. However, there weren't really any views here. I only noticed one overlook and its view was obstructed with trees. If it had been unobstructed, it looked like it would've been a beautiful scene.

I did this trail with a friend who was mountain biking and he informed me that it wasn't really exceptional for mountain biking either. I would recommend this trail to those who are looking to get out and get some exercise (it is 12K of going up and down some good sized hills) or maybe those in the area who are obsessed with hiking every trail like myself. Also, anyone looking to cross country ski in the area should consider it an option. Keep in mind that an arm band is required to ski this trail and you can find more info about obtaining one on the NTN website. Here is a map of the trail.

Directions: From Marquette, take County Road 550 towards Big Bay for approximately 16 miles and turn right on Saux Head Lake Rd. Continue for 1 mile and turn left. The first parking lot is in 1/2 mile and the second parking is in 1 1/2 miles.

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