Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rock River Falls

For my first post, I've randomly selected Rock River Falls. Rock River Falls are located near Chatham, MI and provide for a pleasant hike. In low water (which it was when I visited), the waterfall splits into two. In high water, which I haven't seen in person, the waterfall is much different. I feel that it had more character with low water and still provided for a beautiful scene. You can see it in high water here.

The trail is a pretty easy 1.2 mile trail that gradually descends down into the Rock River Canyon. One thing to note is that some of the trail is wet and muddy (even in late summer with a lack of rain), so you should consider wearing hiking boots or another waterproof option. It is likely that you won't encounter anyone else the entire time. The trail does not have any markers, but isn't too difficult to pick out.

Here is a map from the North Country Trail segment that shows where this trail starts. Look for the red trail. NCT Map

Directions: Reaching these falls requires a lot of time driving on old forest roads. From Chatham, head north on Rock River Road. After 4 miles, turn left on 2276. Proceed for 3.7 miles and then turn left on 2293. Take 2293 for .6 miles until there is a parking area on the left. The trail starts right at the parking area. Keep in mind that the forest roads are not plowed in the winter and reaching the trail by car is impossible in the winter or spring.

If you continue down the 2293 further, you will eventually come to what is said to be a gate but really looked like a mound of dirt and such. Behind this is the trail to Silver Bell Falls. The beavers had made this area very wet and my group was unable to cross it with just shoes on. Therefore, I have no further information on Silver Bell Falls.

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  1. That look really cool, I will totally be going there some time! Thanks ;)